Introduction and Note on the Texts
The Early Writings of George Lippard, 1842-43
Picture of Lippard
Spirit of the Times
The Citizen Soldier
City Police
Our Talisman
Bank Crisis
The Sanguine Poetaster/Bread Crust
Social Satires
Mysterious Story
The Walnut Coffin Papers
The Spermaceti Papers
A. Brownson Smallcott Apologues

[G] Social Satires

Because the first two of these satires featured Flib, they are here attributed to Lippard; their general resemblance to one another, and to the accounts Lippard wrote of the “Boz” ball, also recommend them as most likely his writings. They bespoke amusement at the vapid pretensions of young Philadelphians aspiring to social notice, a keen ear for ninnyish prattle, and close observation of minor class distinctions in their moment of social production—all characteristically Lippardian.