[E8] "Disgraceful," Spirit of the Times, Feb. 23, 1842

            DISGRACEFUL.—It is said the managers of the great Boz Ball, in New York, wrote a note to Mr. Dickens, requesting him to be present at the second ball, at the Park, in order that a loss of five hundred dollars at the first fete, might be recovered again!  Mr. Dickens, however, in consequence of a sore throat, could not attend, but one of the managers thought it necessary that Mr. Dickens' physician should furnish a written certificate of his patient's illness, to satisfy the gentlemen and ladies attending the ball that Mr. D. was positively unable to perform that evening! And thereby prevent the aforesaid ladies and gentlemen from kicking up a row!  Here's the document:—

"February 16, 1842.

            My dear sir,—Mr. Colden suggests, in case Mr. Simpson is called upon by any of his friends to account for your non-attendance to-night, that it would be highly improper for you to expose yourself to the night air, while laboring under the inflammatory affection of the throat, with which I find you.

With great respect, your's most truly,


To Charles Dickens, Esq."

            Thus has the Boz Ball been turned into a complete farce, and made a by-word and reproach.